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2D Action-Exploration Game Reina & Jericho Confronts the Nature of Regret On PS5 | COGconnected

What If You Could Go Back and Fix Your Mistakes?

Everyone has regrets. For better or worse, making mistakes is a part of life. We doubt there’s a single person who’s never found themselves dwelling on a moment in the past, wondering if they could’ve changed what happened back then if they only had the information–and the ability. In the upcoming 2D action-exploration game Reina & Jericho, protagonist Reina will have that wish granted, though the consequences may be dire. This story-driven game promises to deliver a non-linear exploration experience where backtracking matters, you must fix your mistakes, and things never play out exactly the same way twice. It also has a fantastic announcement trailer that does a great job of getting us all hyped up.

Players will take on the role of Reina, a scrappy youth with a chip on her shoulder and a powerful time-bending artifact around her neck. She’s been dragged into the plans of the villainous Eli Faust for reasons she doesn’t yet understand. Escaping alone would be tough enough, but Reina refuses to just run away. She needs to find and rescue Jericho first, even if that means battling her way through an enemy fortress time and time again. Needless to say, there’s a lot of backtracking ahead of her, temporally as well as geographically.

Reina’s necklace, the Regret Device, allows her to quick-travel to locations she’s previously visited–by turning back time to the moment she first arrived there, allowing her to remake past decisions. The implications of this vary widely. Sometimes it just gives her a shorter path to power-ups that were out of reach, sometimes it means characters who were dead have suddenly come back to life, minus a couple of items she took from them. That sounds like an excellent spin on the time-honored Metroidvania formula and we can’t wait to see how Reclamation Games is going to pull it off.

Reina & Jericho will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch later in 2021, and on PS5 at a later date.

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