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Bell and Telus tie for highest 5G download speeds in Canada: report

Bell and Telus have tied for first place in terms of 5G download speeds in Canada, according to Opensignal’s latest report.

Opensignal notes that the two carriers are statistically tied, as Bell users observed average 5G download speeds of 166.2Mbps and Telus users saw average 5G download speeds of 165.6Mbps.

“In contrast, on Rogers’s network, our users experienced 5G Download Speed of 106.1Mbps, on average, at least 59.5Mbps slower than Bell and Telus,” the report outlines.

In terms of 5G upload speeds, all three carriers tied for first place. Telus users observed average 5G upload speeds of 19.2Mbps, Bell users saw speeds of 19.1Mbps and Rogers users observed speeds of 18.8Mbps.

“While download speeds always attract the most attention, upload speeds are becoming increasingly important to users. Sharing photos and videos on social media or large files all benefit from fast upload speeds,” the report states.

The report states that there was no outright winner in the 5G availability category, as all three carriers were closely matched with scores statistically tied for first place. Bell received a score of 8.7 percent, Rogers followed with 8.3 percent and Telus got a score of 8.2 percent.

For context, Opensignal’s 5G availability category measures the amount of time 5G users spend connected to 5G, the higher the percentage, the more time users on a network were connected to 5G.

There was also a three-way tie between three carriers in the 5G reach category. Opensignal’s 5G Reach category analyzes the average proportion of locations where users were connected to a 5G network out of all the locations those users have visited.

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Bell and Telus statistically tied for the top spot in the 5G video experience category with scores of 80.8 and 81.8, respectively. Rogers received a score of 75.2.

Further, the Opensignal outlines that “Bell and Rogers are top for our first 5G games experience award in Canada with statistically tied scores — 85.4 points and 87 points, respectively.” Telus received a score of 83.8.

Interestingly, the report outlines that there was tight competition in the 5G voice app experience category, as only 1.6 points separate all three of the carriers. Rogers and Telus are joint winners for this category with scores of 84.4 and 83.5, respectively. Bell followed not far behind with a slightly lower score of 82.8.

Data for this report was collected between January 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2021. Opensignal independently analyzes mobile user experience on every major network operator around the globe.


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