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Advanced Wars 1+2 Remastered Brings Tactics To The Nintendo Switch

Old School

Over the years, Nintendo has had many exclusive games under its belt, including those that were kept to the Game Boy Advanced and Nintendo DS. One of the more popular games that falls into that category is Advanced Wars, a strategic, turn based tactical game wherein players must use soldiers, tanks,  and ships to destroy their enemy in war. Advanced Wars has been fondly remembered by many. At Nintendo’s E3 showcase on Tuesday, the company confirmed, via an announcement trailer, that the first two iterations of Advanced Wars will be remastered for the Nintendo Switch as Advanced Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. The game is set for launch on 3rd December 2021 and players can pre-order the game online at the Nintendo Shop for the full price of USD$59.99.

Advanced Wars originally released in 2001 and gave players the opportunity to lead an army in strategic, turn based combat. The battle took place across various battlegrounds and required the use of soldiers on land, air and even ships in naval combat. Another interesting feature of Advanced Wars was the ever changing terrain and weather conditions that may affect visibility as soldiers march across the map. As players continue to battle, they will meet various Commanding Officers who will contribute to player tactics as well as their story including Sami, who can boost player’s abilities, and Andy who is able to repair units. Each Commanding Officer has unique abilities, specialties and a role to play in the journey.

Besides an enticing solo campaign, the remastered version offers a Versus Mode that facilitates up to four players fighting each other on more than a dozen maps. The battles can be customized using methods such as funds per ally and fog of war.

This remake features two campaigns that will cover the events of both games.

What do you think about Advanced Wars and Advanced Wars 2: Black Hold Rising? Are you excited for or interested in its upcoming remaster? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.



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