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Adult Space Game Subverse Rides Steam’s Weekly Top-Seller List | COGconnected

An Out-of-this-World Performance

Trends in gaming come and go. Even battle royales won’t stay in the sun forever. But banging. Banging is forever. There will always be a market for sex. Sex movies, sex work, and sex games. Studio FOW Interactive has proved that with the recent release of their debut game Subverse. Subverse came out just a few days ago, and has found itself as the second top-seller of the week on Steam, just behind Valheim. It has since dropped to fifth, but this is still a remarkable achievement considering the barriers put up around adult-only games.

Like many retailers of various mediums, Steam has these pesky checkboxes and parental controls that can prevent people from seeing boobs and dongs. With these protocols in place and tags like Adults-Only, NSFW, Nudity, and Sexual Content, most games like Subverse miss out on a lot of potential customers. Though when Subverse was still being kickstarted, it was one of the 20 most successful Kickstarter games of all time. It had reached all its funding milestones, so there were clearly people who are enthusiastic about the game, and they came out in full force when it launched.

Subverse is not just one simple click-until-you-see-boobs game either. There are shoot ’em up and turn-based grid combat with RPG elements. You build your crew and recruit a dozen different beings with which you can… you know… do the big bang. Subverse is available on PC.

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