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A Million Big Pretty Tiny Little Lies Everywhere

From the networks that brought you these unforgettable titles . . .

comes a new lineup that will have everyone talking.

An upscale New England town is mysteriously overrun by bite-sized humans who are constantly lying. Only one man can uncover the truth.

When the local candlemaker is found dead, three popular girls from the nearby élite boarding school lead investigators on a journey of lies and betrayal.

After a hoarder is brutally murdered, two hard-bitten female detectives have to clean up the entire house—and their own complicated pasts—to find the murderer.

When a ruthless terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss Toddler U.S.A. pageant, a middle-aged female F.B.I. agent must go undercover as a contestant.

A high-powered, all-girl Chicago law firm handles the toughest criminal cases on the planet. But will romance and office politics get in the way?

A teacup Persian kitten is rescued from a garbage can in the slums of Los Angeles. Can she adjust to her new life in Beverly Hills?


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